30 January, 2013

Prince Buys a Futon Off of Craigslist


  1. I love this. IRL Prince played a concert at a venue on our high school campus (lots of big bands played there) back in 1983 or 4. Several of my peers who were techies worked at the concert hall, and I made a crack about Prince—I no longer remember what at all—but that night I dreamed that friend told me Prince had asked to speak with me. In the dream I went to his dressing room, where he was very gentle and nice but pointed out quite reasonably that I didn't know him and so shouldn't make assumptions about him and that it wasn't nice to spread rumors. I was quite embarrassed, but he was utterly gracious about the whole thing and I left feeling very grateful that I had learned this lesson. This Prince in my dream was remarkably like the Prince in your blog, so you know, we really might have stumbled on the real Prince. For the record, this was the least banal celebrity dream I've ever had. Usually I just have lunch with some B-lister and we ask how each other's mothers are doing or some such.

    1. (Fake) Prince is really down to earth but kind of a knuckle head. He makes a mean bloody mary. If you're ever in Minneapolis, I'll introduce you to (Fake) Prince and we'll watch "Reno 911!" and get lit.


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